Interested in Hosting a PolyFit Master Class or Instructor Training? Here’s what you need to know and do…


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PolyFit® Instructor Portal

Coming “Soon”

The PolyFit® Portal,
available exclusively to PF-1 Licensed Instructors.

The PolyFit® Instructor Portal (PIP)
is a Subscription-based access to
PolyFit® Instructor Continuing Education
Materials, Playlists, and Choreography.

(Weʻll send out an email when we go live.)

For only $19.99 monthly.

Subscription is set up and paid automatically.

( subscription terms )


Down Load PolyFit® Logos

PolyFit® Logo is a Registered Trademark and may be used for promoting classes.

PolyFit Logo with white background

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PolyFit Logo with transparent background.

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