PolyFit®️ – Format

This Island Style fitness format is accompanied by modern and traditional Polynesian music from around the Pacific.

Developed from 3 decades of teaching Polynesian Dance, and 10 years in Dance Fitness, Keoni created PolyFit™ Polynesian Dance Fitness to fill the void for a low impact culturally relatable format to motivate the Hot Lava community. But this ain’t the Huki Lau… be prepared to feel the burn.  You’ll bust a sweat while learning how to move your body Poly-style.

You’ll engage your muscles and brain like no other Dance Fitness workout.

Through repletion and the unique movements from Pacific Islander dances, PolyFit™ provides a total body workout. In 60 minutes PolyFit targets your larger muscle groups, improves muscular endurance, tones the core and engages the upper and lower body – all while providing a fun, culturally informative, stamina improving, core strengthening workout!

Get the cardio of Zumba® through Polynesian Dance moves.