Aloha, I’m so excited to offer PolyFit® – Polynesian Dance Fitness Instructor Trainings a Fun and Effective cardio-dance format that is inspired by my island home in the Pacific. It’s an exotic and playful yet effective addition to any Dance Fitness Instructor’s repertoire.
– Keoni Manuel, Creator of PolyFit®
and owner of Hot Lava DanceFit Studios.

The PolyFit® format is rooted in basic movements from four Polynesian cultures: Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand, and Hawaii.

While maintaining a respect for the source of PolyFit® choreography, the motions are stepped up and focused for a wellness enhancing physical fitness format.

The music is a mixture of traditional and contemporary Polynesian music, from the drums of Tahiti to Techno of New Zealand.

PolyFit® Dance Fitness is designed to break a sweat, and use muscle groups and the mind in new ways.

Our Teaching format keeps PolyFit® accessible to all levels of fitness and dance experience.  Training will focus on basic movements, class planning, choreography and vocabulary.

( PolyFit® Licensing subscription will come with regular updates including fresh choreography, new music, and expanding into other cultural dances from around Polynesian Islands. )

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Check-in:  30 minutes prior to start.

Approx. 8 hour Training
with a 1 hour Lunch midway.
Bring your own meals and beverages.

PolyFit® is Accredited by AFAA and NASM.

PolyFit® Instructor Training qualifies you for Continuing Education Credits.

AFAA credits
7.0 CEU


NASM credits
0.7 CEU